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Welcome to Glasgow Coach Drivers Limited, Scotland's Largest coach driver hire agency dedicated to the passenger carrying industry.


The brain child of Mr Colin McNeill was born following a forced redundancy back in 2012 when Colin was laid off for the winter period and Danny McSorley was laid off in Late 2011; a time of year when many companies release drivers to ease their financial burdens over the industrys quietest period.


I was fed up of being laid off in the winter months and had started to look at incoming traffic via the holiday industry. 

I began as a driver with Glasgow City Corparation, who were taken over by Strathclyde Buses Now owned by First Glasgow Ltd, then i worked for Stagecoach Glasgow Ltd, based in Glasgow and asked, if I could start an agency, would they use it? The response was positive and Glasgow Coach Drivers was born.


With many years of experience as driver's, Colin & Danny knew firsthand the pitfalls of freelancing and industrys views of freelance drivers; with this in mind they set upon a crusade to change the views of an entire industry to the freelance driver. 

Their journey quickly joined the road to success with registered drivers topping the 50 barrier in 2013.

Their business plan is working, in fact, not only are Glasgow Coach Drivers Limited. the largest specialists in coach drivers in Scotland today. Who Pay Drivers Weekly in arrears and charge Low rates to operators for each driver.


Glasgow Coach Drivers Limited strives to bring good quality drivers and operators together. 

To join the team drivers must register first, which takes them through a rigorous application process including DVLA Driver Check, Disclsure Scotland Checking, Reference Checking, Identity Checking, and training for Driver CPC’s as well. 

Lots of drivers can talk the talk, but it’s a different story altogether when you get them to walk the walk. 

The industry is changing in many different ways, companies come and go – but the actions of a driver can send you down the river Clyde overnight. 

We’re determined to build the strength of our drivers and supply our customer base with good solid hard working drivers, who’ve been checked and can be relied upon; we’ve had to completely change things and to survive. 

You might fool me once, but you’ll never get a second chance.”  This new hard line has proved popular with Glasgow Coach Drivers Limited customers too; boasting some of the biggest names in the touring industry. 

To set up an Operator Account couldn’t be easier; and for drivers the process begins by registration.

What colin started in Glasgow, has expanded to a suite of offices in the prestigious area of Rutherglen.

 Growth is the natural progression from Success, say Glasgow Coach Drivers Limited and that success is great for the industry. 

A massive customer base.


Were constantly looking at ways to expand.


We need to have a structure in place where drivers can report to us, customers can meet us and so on without the need of doing absolutely everything through email, phone and social media websites.


This was revealed following feedback from our drivers so although the progress may not be as quick as our drivers would like; progress is being made and we do listen to their views, with outher offices opeining in the future thus including Driver Training inc CPC and coach Hire

Another item on the minds of every driver in the country is the new legislation being forced upon them for Driver Certificates of Professional Competence. 

Driver CPC is not going to go away. 

That is a fact and everyone may as well get used to it.

  We have set up Glasgow Driver Training to carry out all of our Driver CPC training  Colin's foresight in training has impressed many operators and,


you need a registered and accredited training organisation with JAUPT, the Joint Approval Unit for Periodic Training for the Driver CPC, also DSA (Driving Standards Agency) and Department of Transport registered for Driver Training in coaches and trucks, ADR training, along with a string of others.


My advice to you is visit the website http://www.glasgowdrivercpc.co.uk/ for more information on that, the company employ professionals who can give you all the right information you want on that subject. 

Coaches and drivers – thats Glasgow Coach Drivers Limited, for everything on the training side, speak to one of the team at Glasgow Driver Training, new to the company is Glasgow Coach Hire under the website glasgow-minibus-hire.co.uk


The aims of the Company are to supply operators with the demand for high calibre experienced coach drivers.

  Drivers who have been through our registration process, which very importantly is reviewed regularly. 

This process includes DVLA licence checks and Driver Check registration, The Criminal Records Bureau Enhanced and Vetting Barring Scheme checks known as Disclosure Scotland PVG Membership Scheme, Reference Checks, and other application procedures.


Our drivers are always smart, polite, customer friendly and everyone complies with the Employment Agencies Act 1973. 

This new enforced standards with Glasgow Coach Drivers has resulted in an increase in business and industry recognition throughout the United Kingdom.

The fact that Glasgow Coach Drivers is one of the specialist agency's dedicated to the Coach Industry.

We supply daily relief drivers on our payroll so you don't need to get temporary workers as we do all the HMRC work for wages and national insurance contributions.

We check out all employees to high standards with Disclosure Scotland and Criminal Records Board.

All drivers must have Driver Qualification Cards issued through DVLA on completing the Driver Certificate of professional competence (CPC) or they will not be employed by our company.

They also need to have a Digital Tacho Card unless they are on Local Service Work.

We can adapt to any types of coaching work from covering extended tours both in the UK to local private hires and excursions.

We are ideally placed in the middle of the country for providing relief drivers for operators who supply coaches for Tour companies.

We are also in an ideal location for covering rest days for tour drivers on tours in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Anywere in Scotland or the United Kingdom or for cover if your drivers take holidays at inconvenient times.

We are more than happy to cover feeders for tours which often start in the early hours of the morning or finish late at night as we appreciate that by using your own drivers one job ties a driver up for two days which can be very inconvenient.

We are also a mere stones throw from Glasgow City Centre on the express way should any operators find the need arises for a relief driver on a coach either travelling from or returning to England.

A number of our regular customers think of us more as part time drivers than emergency cover drivers and use us in their planning to ensure their full time drivers get adequate rest periods either at home or in resort.

In short, we can do whatever you require, wherever and whenever you require us to.

If you would prefer to talk to someone right away please call: Tel - 0707 7070 495 / 0774 040 3574 or if you would like to email: We are able to except all major credit cards

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